one choice
can lighten you.


This blog is dedicated to calling out whitewashing and racism in the Divergent fandom. 

If we see someone whitewashing a character of colour, we’re coming to collect you. 

Whitewashing is a form of racism that is most often practised in media and as a result, PoC are under-represented and constantly stereotyped.

Whitewashing can include but is not limited to:

  • Fancasting a white actor as a PoC
  • Using a white actor in graphics to portray a character of colour 
  • Lightening the skin of a PoC or changing their features to make them whiter
  • Lightening the skin of a PoC character in fan art or making their ethnic features more white.

Intentional or not, when you whitewash you are being racist.

It is not for you to judge whether or not you are being racist.

Also, the topic of a characters race is not simply an ‘opinion’ and is not up for discussion. 

Characters in the Divergent Trilogy that are exclusively not white include:

  • Christina (Black)
  • Uriah (Middle Eastern)
  • Zeke (Middle Eastern)
  • Tobias ‘Four’ Eaton (Bi-racial, more details here)
  • Evelyn Eaton (Not specified but confirmed PoC)
  • Tori (East Asian)
  • Max (Black)
  • Jack Kang (East Asian)
  • Fernando (Latino)
  • Molly (Latina)
  • Niles (Black)

There are three mods for this blog:

  • Sparks
  • Wasp
  • Yummers
These nicknames will appear before all posts/ commentary we make so that we are distinguishable.

Our askbox is open to suggestions, etc, but let us remind you:

There is no justification for lightening a characters skin or changing their race to suit your racist bullshit ideologies.




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